How You Can Do Video Compression Easily – Step-by-Step Guide

If you don’t know about the video compression process. Then you must read this article. It is a process that asks you to minimize the number of bits required to represent the photo and video. Commonly different programs use this process with a specific algorithm. This way, you can shrink the video size. 

How You Can Do Video Compression:

It is good to use an HD1080p60 baseband for video compression. As a result, you will get a compressed video of almost 1-10 Mbps. It means the resultant video may easily transmit to the standard networks. 

If you have to use the storage efficiently. Then make sure to use video compression software. Now, many computers and networking technicians use this technique all over the world. 

Advantages of video compression

Requires less storage space

Compression softwares help to minimize the size of the video. This way, it may require less storage space. Using the software, you may minimize the size of the video as much as 1,000 times. 

Faster file reading/writing

Though the compression software may minimize the size of the video and ask for less bandwidth. So, different hosting platforms may efficiently process all files. 

Faster file transfer

If the transmission of files occurs at a speed of almost 100 Mbps. Then keep in mind that a video of 500 GB takes only half an hour to transfer from one drive to another. 


Different video compression tools are present. Each tool has a different encoding algorithm called codecs. This way, you may encode video sequences and minimize the bits. After that, you may wrap the video and get the compressed video.  If you want to know about more encoding then click on doctorlib.